Monday, February 2, 2015

One more time

The last 2 months have been kind of intense on the baby front. We have increased my meds including injections and progesterone supplements. If any of you know me, you're aware of my hatred of needles but I'm rather proud of myself having done them all myself! Unfortunately, even though my body reacted perfectly to the meds and our numbers on all fronts were fantastic, it still didn't take. Here are my fun shots - 

With this heartbreaking news comes some major decision making on our part. We're allowed one more round of what we've been doing. Then we will have to move forward with IVF most likely. This option is scary and stressful not only in the case of what I will have to go thru but financially. The prices are astronomical and that is a stress I'm not sure we are able to endure.  Elsa tries to help me feel better by taking naps with me....its as comfortable as it looks

In the meantime, prayers are always welcome. For what choices to make and God's patience, healing and guidance for my heart.

Also a hilarious video of what I imagine it was like having me as a child getting shots.  My dad says that's pretty much what I was like....