Friday, January 22, 2016

Barbados Baby Growing

I know a lot of our friends and family (and beyond) have been praying so much and so hard for us this last week so I wanted to give you all an update. This will be brief for update purposes today. I'll post a nice blog when we get back of pics from Barbados.

First I encourage you if you don't understand the jargon I use, please research it! There's so much I didn't know about our bodies untill going thru this and it really is amazing what our bodies do.

We had egg retrieval today. We ended up a few days behind an average schedule because my ovaries took a little longer to grow those follicles nice a big. My left ovary sucks at being an ovary because of my endometriosis on that side but my right is perfectly healthy. Because of those factors, they were only able to retrieve 5 eggs today. I was disappointed since I had been hoping for over 10 (10-15 can be average for someone my age and healthy). BUT! You only need 1 for a baby technically. They are fertilizing them tonight and we will get a call tomorrow letting us know how many survived fertilization.
If we only have 2-3 make it, we will most likely be doing transfer (where they put the embryos back in me) on Monday and doing them all due to lack of embryo quality. Our plan had been 2 max but that was assuming We'd have lots of healthy embryos to freeze and use later. If miraculously all 5 make it, we will let them grow to day 5 and do a transfer of only 2 on Wednesday, and freeze the rest.

This plan would put us here an extra day or 2 but hey, it's beautiful here and it's January in Minnesota there so.....

That's our update. We are still needing lots of prayers for healthy embryos and for them to snuggle in my uterus and stick there and become a baby!

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers so far, they really have helped keep me sane and positive and faithful thru all of this.