Friday, August 29, 2014

Weddings, State Fair and New Babies!

August came with lots of fun things to do!  We got to go to Atlanta for a friend's wedding and got to see some great friends while we were there!  

And then there's the MN STATE FAIR!  For those that don't know, I'm mildly obsessed with the fair.  I've only got 1 visit under my far this year.  Joe and I plan on going tomorrow though as well!  My first visit was just me and my niece and nephew, Jaden and Skylar.  They let me take a few photos.  Jaden even insisted on taking a selfie with me =)

    Sky insisted on cross eyes in this pic          

 Here's a normal one

Selfie time!

Little farmers in the making!

In other fun news.....I decided to start fostering for the Animal Humane Society. You thought I meant "real" babies?! The only animals I'm taking right now are kittens and oh my goodness, are they so much fun!!!  They are all black and Joe calls them his ninjas. I've named them;
Princess Buttercup - The only girl in the group, is half the size of the boys but very vocal and holds her own against the boys really well!  Loves to cuddle right on your chest tucked under your chin.

 Brutus - The biggest and only longhair, he's kind of a loner, but totally chill.  Lets you pick him up and hold him like a baby and is super gentle.  When they get tuckered out he's the only one that will go nap across the couch from you instead of cuddling with you.
The Twins - working on names for each but I seriously can't tell them apart!  Both will purr immediately when you just touch or pick them up.  Both like to lay on your lap or right by you with their head on you when they need a nap. 

The Animal Humane Society needs fosters for kittens mainly because they aren't big enough to be adopted yet.  So I get them when they're really little and take care of them, bring them to vet rechecks where they get weighed and shots and basically just play till they weight enough  They are seriously so much fun and so adorable I can't hardly stand it.  I will have them a total of at least a month and will be so sad when I have to bring them back in.  We're welcome to have visitors come and meet them so just let me know if you wanna come play!  

I've also started a second job serving at a restaurant by my house.  It's newer and so delicious!  It's call Sonora Grill right on Lake street east of Hiawatha.  I'm working mostly lunch shifts but come see me and try it out sometime!

That's all the news right now other than being sad that its basically September which means summer is over =( I am definitely not looking forward to cold weather coming our way.  Except for cooking delicious feel good home cooked meals.....Chili for dinner tonight on this rainy Friday.

Have a Lovely Labor Day weekend everyone!  Be safe and have fun!