Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Barbados Baby

Happy Winter (I love the snow but hate the long cold) and almost Merry Christmas!  Christmas is my favorite!  The decorations, the music, the love and family all around.  Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Some of you may already know this but we have decided to do our IVF treatment overseas.  With our flight benefits with Joe working for Delta Airlines and the treatment being half the price compared to here, it just made sense to us.  

I've already started the first phase of medications and have been tirelessly working to compare prices for the rest.  It's insane the amount of medications and the cost!  I'm probably going to be going thru several pharmacies just to get the best prices on each drug.  

I thankfully won't be starting any injections I think until right after Christmas so I shouldn't be a total hormonal mess thru the holidays.  Though we have extended family parties the first 2 weeks in January so I apologize in advance to all my family if I cry uncontrollably for no reason at all!  Maybe I'll be fine, right?!?!?!

All of this will put us in Barbados the middle of January thru the end.  No better time to be on an island than January when you live in Minnesota! And I've loved the Doctor and Coordinator I have down there already!

That's my update for now and I hope to keep better at this thru this journey.  I realize it's different and unconventional but I am hopeful and feel excited about it.  I have a very good and positive outlook on this course of action.  I'm also just excited to be moving forward with a plan of action.