Monday, June 1, 2015

Garage Sale-ing!

Hey y'all! I think summer has finally arrived for us Minnesotans and I'm so very happy for it. With summer in Minnesota comes garage sales, Joe's favorite thing!

I have decided this year to join in on our neighborhood garage sale! I am using this as a jump start to raising money for us for IVF treatments. We have been blessed with many donations of items from family and friends for us to try and sell.

The sale is Saturday June 13 from 11-6. If you want to stop and just say hi I'd love to see your pretty faces! No need to buy things, I'm sure we will have plenty of garage sale-ing people for that.

If you are in need of any items like tools, household items, baby clothes etc, feel free to come look around. There may or may not be special treats for your purchasing pleasure as well 😉

Woo-hoo for summer!

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